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  • Terapiados offers Psycholgy, Psysiotherapy and traditional Chinese medicine service in different centers. They also offer activities, workshops and Psychology related articles.
  • Web page from couples therapy section It Includes información about couples therapy, and also articles. Web development by Luthiers de Webs.
  • Informations section related to the different Psychology and Psychotherapy services offered by Terapiados. Desarrollo web de Luthiers de Webs.
  • List of activities related with the Terapiados centers. Web development by Luthiers de Webs.
Spanish and English.
Main technical specifications

The main specifications of this website are:

Terapiados is a network of psychology centers and other therapies, with different locations in several towns in the province of Valencia.

The project of this website needed to adequately structure the information corresponding to the different centers, information about the therapies and professionals, the different activities carried out in the different centers, and it was also important that it would be easy to display the relevant information of each center.

Since Terapiados is strongly active in promoting information on health, it was decided that it would be important to offer users a space where they could find information about the various activities going on in the Center: courses, workshops, Lectures, published articles, etc. All of this is reinforced with the development of tools that would facilitate the promotion of information, such as: sections for sharing content on social networks, the possibility of subscribing to both a newsletter and RSS feed, etc.

With regard to the web design and development of the page, Drupal 7 open source was used, through an adaptive totally customized graphical (responsive) template, .

The previous project that Luthiers de Webs developed for Terapiados, received a special mention from the most important developers of graphic themes for Drupal. You can check this info in the blog of More Than Themes.

  • We are in charge of the hosting and technical maintenance of the website.
Name Description
Multilingual website This website is available in both Spanish and English.
Newsletter The website incorporates a subscription system to a newsletter and activities by means of email, so users can keep up to date with all the news published on the Terapiados website.
Tabbed browsing Throughout the website tabbed navigation has been included in order to display all the information in a simple way with the purpose of avoiding that pages are too long, as well as creating a web that would load faster. In this way, users can enjoy a simpler navigation and also the usability of the page is better.
Custom web design using template In this case, the use of a template was chosen because of its adaptability to both aesthetic and technical requirements. At the same time, the client´s needs were met at a cheaper price without having to give up on a personalized website design.
Responsive web design An adaptive or responsive web design has been done, allowing the website to be displayed correctly on mobile devices as well as on tablets, laptops or desktops, and on large screens.
Software Open source Drupal 7 software was used. Besides being an open source software, Drupal software is supported by a large community of developers. This enables the website to grow in the future if needed.