Psicoterapia y Desarrollo

' Mª Luz Lladró Therapy Center'

  • Psychoterapy and personal growth in Valencia, with an option to purchase an online therapy bonus.
  • Online therapy page with the option to buy online sessions via PayPal. Design and web development by Luthiers de Webs.
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  • News page published in Psicoterapia y Desarrollo web page. Design and web development by Luthiers de Webs.
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Website in Spanish.

Main technical specifications

The main specifications of this website are:

The project for Psicoterapia y Desarrollo (Consulta de Mari Luz Lladró) website consists of the creation of a one-person corporate webpage. This project includes the information management and information review, the graphic design work and the development of the website. In addition, other tasks have been carried out such as training Mari Luz Lladró to insert different types of web content, advising and answering questions and doubts that might emerge.

It was important that the in the site it was clear who who Mari Luz Lladró is, what she is doing: the workshops, personal growth groups that she offers, as well as the news of interest. In addition, the website includes the possibility of buying the online therapy vouchers directly from the PayPal gateway that can be found in the Online Therapy section.

As for the design, a responsive graphic design was carried out, according to the aesthetics agreed with the client, using free software base Drupal 7. It was important that the design serves as a link of between the information displayed and the idea of offering a clear message. So a graphic design was developed based on contrasts between light and bright colors.

  • We are in charge of the hosting and technical maintenance of the website.
Name Description

The website Psicoterapia y Desarrollo is available in Spanish.

PayPal The website incorporates the PayPal gateway to be able purchase directly the online therapy vouchers from the section online payments section in the website
Custom web design The website design is totally personalized, so it has been entirely made under the aesthetic specifications provided by the client, without the use of any graphic template.
Responsive web design An adaptive or responsive web design has been done, allowing the website to be displayed correctly on mobile devices as well as on tablets, laptops or desktops, and on large screens.
Software Open source Drupal 7 software was used. Besides being an open source software, Drupal software is supported by a large community of developers. This enabled the website to grow in the future if needed.