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  • The project for 'Piró Orfebres' consists of the development of a website in Spanish and English, with a blog and an online catalog with advanced filters for searching purposes.
  • Piró Orfebres creates excellent customized works for you. Diseño y desarrollo web de Luthiers de Webs.
  • Piró Orfebres website online catalog with facet finder. Design and development by Luthiers de Webs.
  • Piró Orfebres Blog. El blog también cuenta con un apartado de prensa y de recursos. Diseño y desarrollo web de Luthiers de Webs.
  • View of the website of Piró Orfebres in laptop and tablet. Design and development by Luthiers de Webs.
  • Piró Orfebres works page. Design and development by Luthiers de Webs.

Due to their increasingly international repercussion a multilingual website was developed, both in Spanish and English.

Main technical specifications

The main technical specifications to mention from Piró Orfebres website are the following.

Piró Orfebres is a traditional goldsmiths family business that began in 1925, almost one century ago.They are located in El Carmen a centric and old neighborhood in Valencia, Spain. They are a reference in the goldsmith business in Valencia and in Spain. They also offer their services internationally to countries such as the Vatican and the US among others.

The project for Piró Orfebres consists of the realization of a corporate website with an online catalog for the projects made by them. Clients can order new pieces of work so the site is aimed to inspire people in the process of choosing the pieces they want to acquire. All the works that they make are unique and they are made with the same craft techniques used in 1925.

Due to the large number of works they’ve created over the years, the website incorporates an advanced search engine, that allows users to filter the large number of works that are shown in the online catalog and also so clients can find inspiration for the work they want to order from Piró Orfebres.

Various tasks have been included in the project: the organization and revision of information, graphic design work and web development. In addition, other tasks have been carried out such as training for the administrators of the website -Piró Orfebres- to help them insert the different types of web content in the site and also we offered advice for whatever doubts and questions they might have.

The website aims to inform about Piró Orfebres: what they are engaged in, to show to the public the most important works they have done in recent years, as well as news related to them or to the world of goldsmith.

As for the design, it’s important to highlight that a totally tailor-made design and responsive web design was carried out according to the aesthetics agreed with Piró Orfebres, using the free Drupal 7 software. It was important that the design would serve the purpose of bringing together the information shown for each piece and the beauty of their works, making it clear at all times that they are traditional craftsmen.

Name Description
Multilingual website Website in both Spanish and English.
Advanced search engine The website incorporates an advanced search engine that allows users to filter the large number of works displayed in the catalog through facets, so they can easily find inspiration for the new work they are going to buy.
Blog La página web de Piró Orfebres cuenta con un blog donde publican contenido relacionado con el mundo de la orfebrería y artes artesanales afines, así como noticias y novedades relacionadas con la empresa de orfebrería y sus obras.
Custom web design The website design is totally personalized, so it has been entirely made under the aesthetic specifications provided by the client, without the use of any graphic template.
Responsive web design An adaptive or responsive web design has been done, allowing the website to be displayed correctly on mobile devices as well as on tablets, laptops or desktops, and on large screens.
Software Open source Drupal 7 software was used. Besides being an open source software, Drupal software is supported by a large community of developers. This enabled the website to grow in the future if needed.