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  • Psychotherapy and Training Center with a Gestalt orientation in Valencia.
  • Section for the events going on in Centre Gestalt. Design and development by Luthiers de Webs.
  • Psychotherapy section in Centre Gestalt. Design and development by Luthiers de Webs.
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Website available in Spanish.

Main technical specifications

The main specifications of this website are:

Centre Gestalt is a psychotherapy and training center with a gestalt therapy orientation located in Valencia. The project for Center Gestalt consisted of the design and development of a web page with an intranet. This project included information management and information review, graphic design work and website development. In addition, other tasks have been carried out such as the creation and configuration of a newsletter and its integration with the website, training the editors of the website so they can learn what options the site has for them, advising and answering doubts that might emerge.

The website shows all the general information about the center, the psychotherapy services, the different areas of gestalt trainings and activities available currently in the center, the news related to the center and the articles published by Centre Gestalt.

Internally, an Intranet was developed to allow students and teachers to share documents. The Intranet has several levels of access and visibility, depending on whether the user is a student or a teacher. The organizational structure of the Intranet is based on groups and and different students depending of the year of the training they are at, and also based on the students that attend the workshops. The Intranet allows students and teachers to share resources (work, study materials, etc.), as well as experiences and images. A forum was developed in order to facilitate communication between the members of the groups as well as for the workshops.

As for the design, it is important to mention that a customized graphic design has been carried out, following the responsive design technique. Since it was fully customized web design, the guidelines agreed with Centre Gestalt were followed using free Drupal 7 software.

  • We are in charge of the hosting and technical maintenance of the website and also the customized intranet developed.
Name Description

The Centre Gestalt website is available in Spanish.

Intranet The intranet has been customized so that each registered user has exclusive access to the different trainings they are enrolled in or if they have been in the past.
The main function of the intranet is to serve as a link between teachers and students, so that they can share both the teaching material and the reports that the students have to generate after carrying out the various training activities.
Forum In the intranet, the forum tool has been included for each group and workshop page, so that students and teachers can exchange doubts, impressions and all kinds of related contents through the forum. It is possible for all the members to visualize all interactions in this section.
Tabbed browsing A tabbed browsing was created for the psychotherapy section, the training section and the centre section. This enables the user to structure the information, making it easy to navigate and it also improves the usability of the web page.
Newsletter The website incorporates a subscription system to an activity and news bulletin via email, so that users can keep up to date with all the news of the centre.
Custom web design The website design is totally personalized, so it has been entirely made under the aesthetic specifications provided by the client, without the use of any graphic template.
Responsive web design An adaptive or responsive web design has been done, allowing the website to be displayed correctly on mobile devices as well as on tablets, laptops or desktops, and on large screens.
Software Open source Drupal 7 software was used. Besides being an open source software, Drupal software is supported by a large community of developers. This enabled the website to grow in the future if needed.