Asociación Española de Terapia Gestalt (AETG)

'Spanish Association of Gestalt Therapy'

  • The project for the website of the 'Spanish Association of Gestalt Therapy' consists of the development of a website with a documentary repository and an intranet for members.
  • Table view of the AETG website. Design and development by Luthiers de Webs
  • Map of AETG Associates. Design and web development by Luthiers de Webs
  • Resources and Thesis of the Spanish Association of Gestalt Therapy.Design and web development by Luthiers de Webs

Website available in Spanish.

Main technical specifications

The main specifications of this website are:

The AETG is the the official Gestalt Therapy Association in Spain. The association includes many professionals and also the Gestalt Therapy Spanish schools.

This project consists of the development of the website for the Spanish Association of Gestalt Therapy, as well as the creation of Intranet for administration purposes. Therefore, the site has content aimed for different purposes, such as promoting Gestalt therapy, also content aimed to support its professionals and normative and administrative content. Therefore, the first challenge was to restructure all the contents just mentioned, trying to simplify it, in order to make it more accessible for the different types of users (associates, schools, secretarians, boards of directors, etc.). The system has been optimized by enhancing the contents in order to promote that users make use of the site. Later, it was important that access permits were managed depending on what each member is entitled to depending on their level of access. This was done also with the different content of the site, which is also only accessible depending on the level of access each person has. It was also important to to ensure the security of the system, so that access is determined by navigation and content and not the other way around, as it often happens in the case of less complex structures, where there is a drastic and aesthetic barrier that prevents access to a large number of sections.

In addition, tools have been implemented in order to categorize the different resources (thesis, journals, articles, etc.) the site has. Thinking both of the readers and the staff, for example automated processes have been programmed with PHP to offer bibliographic references always updated or offering diverse taxonomies for a better navigation, optimization and classification. It has also been possible to make the leap from paper to the online secretary service, simplifying all the procedures, which was very helpful and comfortable for the Association because it saved time.

Also, navigation has been improved to enhance content, for example a more flexible structure so that more extensive contents such as legal aspects are more comfortable to read, or making maps and directories more visible and attractive, allowing users to consult professionals and training schools faster

Aesthetically, despite the Association already had a website, it was decided to create a new one from scratch. For this, work had to be done in order to consult what was the most appropriate structure, what the corporate image would be and also all the rest of the website. This design was coordinated, working together with computer scientists and information managers, to seek the harmony and the perfect balance between use, beauty and precision. For the graphic design Luthiers of webs collaborated with Beardman Design.

Technically, it has been developed in Drupal 7 with responsive web design, which allows a good layout of the page to different devices and screen formats: mobile, tablet, laptop, etc.

  • We are developing new functionalities to improve administrative processes through the website.
  • We are developing an e-learning platform for the AETG.
  • We are developing e-commerce tools for the creation of an online store.
  • We are developing an online communication plan to manage their profiles on social networks.
  • We are in charge of the hosting and technical maintenance of the website and also the customized intranet developed.
Name Description
Language Website available in Spanish.
Intranet An intranet has been developed to facilitate communication between the members and the administrative staff. This way, the Association is able to speed up the procedures and can save time in the daily tasks available for users and staff.
Documentary repository Tools have been implemented in order to facilitate the cataloging process of the different resources (dissertations, magazines, articles, etc.), thinking both of the readers and staff. For example, automated processes have been programmed with PHP to offer bibliographic references always updated or offering diverse taxonomies for a better navigation, optimization and classification.
Custom web design The website design is totally personalized, so it has been entirely made under the aesthetic specifications provided by the client, without the use of any graphic template.
Responsive web design An adaptive or responsive web design has been done, allowing the website to be displayed correctly on mobile devices as well as on tablets, laptops or desktops, and on large screens.
Software Open source Drupal 7 software was used. Besides being an open source software, Drupal software is supported by a large community of developers. This enabled the website to grow in the future if needed.