Why you choose us

We simplify technology

Websites are created for people, not for machines. We like to listen to you and follow you in the learning process.

We communicate your message

Two people don’t speak alike, neither do two web sites. That’s why we give every project a unique and personalized discourse.

We organize your information

There is no single management criterion. We organize and structure your information in the best possible way.

How we work

What process do we follow from the beginning of a project until its finished.

We help our clients define who they are and what they wish to express.

In our first meeting, we orientate our clients in the different possibilities that are available for their project and how to approach it. Creating your website is often an intense and useful exercise of self-definition.

The design work is made along with the client.

Making a proposal implies a study on the contents in which our clients and their audience are interested. We study what to show and how to show it: the organization of contents and the aesthetic guidelines.

The latest technology is used throughout the implementing process.

Putting up the website implies creating graphic work, writing good texts, programming all the necessary code and collecting and transfering our client's information into our servers.

We provide training tutorials and marketing services.

When the project is finished clients need training so they can keep on contributing with their own contents to the site. A monitoring process is very helpful in order to check how everything works.

Promoted Publications

La importancia de realizar una página web pensando en el usuario. Taller práctico que se llevará a cabo Juan Longares el próximo 8 de mayo 2018, junto a David Azorín.

David Picó expone en este interesante artículo porqué los diseñadores web ejercemos de mediadores durante el proceso de desarrollo web, y sobre qué mediamos.

Os compartimos los materiales de la segunda edición del curso "Gestión de información con el CMS Drupal 8".

Some projects

Psychology / Online payments

The project Dan Bloom - Psychotherapy - New York (Dan Bloom) consisted in the creation of a professional website with an exclusive graphic design and online payments for the renowned gestalt therapist Dan Bloom.

Psychology / Document repository / Intranet

The project for the website of the Spanish Association of Gestalt Therapy consists of the development of a website with a documentary repository and an intranet for members.

Psychology / Personal development / Online payments

The project for Psychotherapy and Development consists of the development of a webpage and a totally personalized design with an online payment section.

Social network / Mobile App

The European project for A Europe of Diasporas consists of the development of a mobile app for ios and Android, and a social network.

Personal development / Mobile App

The project for the Hoffman Institute International consists of the development of a mobile app for ios and android, a website and a corporate intranet.

Online catalogue

The project for Piró Orfebres consists of the development of a website in Spanish and English, with a blog and an online catalog with advanced filters for searching purposes.