Luthiers de Webs. Digital crafts

Internet is a vast ocean. We sail with you to ship your message to harbour.

Human technology

Knowledge is not only for geniuses. It arises from a collective dialogue.

We simplify technology

Websites are created for people, not for machines. We like to listen to you and follow you in the learning process.

We organize your information

There is not just one sorting criterium. We organize your information the best way possible and this is done by providing personal attention.

We communicate your message

Two people don’t speak alike, neither do two web sites. That’s why we give every project a unique and personalized discourse.

Our portfolio

Actions speak louder than words. Here is some of our work.

Our team

David Picó
Project coordinator

David holds the helm of this multidisciplinary team ensuring balance in the process and promoting mediation with our client. He is a computer engineer and a psychologist.

Emilio Pérez
Software and E-Strategies

Emilio is a computer engineer who knows how to put computers at service for users. He deals with the latest technologies. He makes search results faster and more visible.

Juan Longares
Information Science and Marketing

Juan is an information and marketing professional. He takes care that the aesthetics go along with the idea. He is up to date with the best ways possible to promote new social channels.

Israel Pedrós
Information science and story-telling

Israel is an information and humanities professional. He is in charge of pruning the information trees. He searches for the idea and he enhances contents to make them more attractive.

How we work

What process do we follow from the beginning of a project until its finished.

In our first meeting, we orientate our clients in the different possibilities that are available for their project and how to approach it. Creating your website is often an intense and useful exercise of self-definition.

We help our clients define who they are and what they wish to express.

Making a proposal implies a study on the contents in which our clients and their audience are interested. We study what to show and how to show it: the organization of contents and the aesthetic guidelines.

The design work is made along with the client.

Putting up the site implies creating graphic work, writing good texts, programming all the necessary code and collecting and transfering our client's information into our servers.

The latest technology is used throughout the implementing process.

When the project is finished clients need training so they can keep on contributing with their own contents to the site. A monitoring process is very helpful in order to check how everything works.

We provide training tutorials and marketing services.

Get in touch

Thanks for looking. Now we’d love to hear from you.

We always give a fast and personalized answer. You can contact us through any of these ways:

Juan Llorens 44, 1A
46008 Valencia (Spain)
(+34) 963-056-065
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